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Whatever gifts you choose will light up your child’s life and be more treasured than you know!  But because people have asked, the following suggestions might be helpful:

 1.  If you choose to sponsor a child, you will receive a packet that will contain a large red bag, name tag and an index card with the child's first name, clothing sizes and around three wish list items.  Because kids love to unwrap gifts, we suggest purchasing eight to ten gifts per red bag.  Due to mailing costs we ask, whenever possible, that sponsors pick up their packet from their Red Bag Lady (names and email addresses provided below).     

2.  Please do not include any used items.

3.  Some of the gifts can be inexpensive items like socks, gloves, personal care items, sleeping bags and school supplies. 

4.  A chock-full red bag with clothing, wish list items and extras can usually be packed for $100-$150 for younger children and $150-$200 for older children and teens.

5.  The 2023 Red Bags will be delivered on Saturday, December 2nd, from 10 am - 2 pm.  


  Delivery Site For 2023:           The KVC Ball Conference Center

                                                    21344 W 153rd St

                                                    Olathe, KS  


6.  The red bags are loaded into two moving vans and delivered the following Monday. 

Please fill out this form to sponsor a child.

































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Stacy Tinde


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