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  1. I have several gifts for my child, but the bag doesn’t look very full, what should I do?


  To help fill your bag, try:

  • Wrapping all gifts separately

  • Using a gift box

  • Putting small items in a BIG box, or even several boxes for added fun!

  • Adding a larger item like a fluffy blanket, pillow, duffle bag or Popcorn Tin​

  2. My child’s gifts don’t all fit in the Red Bag, what do I do with the other items?

If presents don’t all fit in the Red Bag provided, please put the extra gifts in a large black trash bag.  Be sure to create a label identical to the one you are given with the child’s name in the middle, age on the lower left corner, and identification number in the lower right corner.  Also, let us know this child has two bags by adding “1/2” in the upper right corner of the label for the Red Bag that you were provided and “2/2” on the label you create for the black trash bag. 

  3. There aren’t many items on my child’s Wish List, what should I get for them?

Here are some ideas that are good for most kids:

  • Socks, Hat, and/or gloves

  • Hygiene items or kits

  • Card game

  • Cosmetic or Toiletry bag

  • Book, Magazine, Puzzle book

  • Pillow

  • Fluffy blanket

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Duffle bag or backpack

  • Stuffed animal

  • Popcorn Tin, snacks, candy, gum


4.  My child’s Wish List includes a gift card, is that ok to purchase?

Yes, but only one please and we suggest gift cards just for those 12+.

5.  How many items should I purchase for my child?

As these are likely the only gifts your child will receive this holiday season, we encourage you to generously purchase 8-10 gifts. 


6.  Should I add gift receipts with my gifts?

This is a good idea for items such as coats, shoes, and clothes to ensure proper fit.

7.  Do items have to be new?

Yes, all gifts must be new.


8.  Should I wrap the gifts and who are they from?

Yes, please wrap all gifts.  Include a tag with the child’s name, but please leave “from” blank.

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