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Red Bags KC and Daniel Jacobs'  Christmas Families Board


Ashley Crouch - Red Bag Lady

Donetta Shaner - Red Bag Lady

Donna Crouch Goetz - Red Bag Lady, board member

Lauren Dooley Johnson - Red Bag Lady

Stacy Tindell - Red Bag Lady

Kristen Hilgers - Red Bag Lady

Lori Froeschl- Red Bag Delivery Day Gift Coordinator

Jane Dooley - board member

Oliver Jacobs - son of founder, Daniel Jacobs, board member

Whitney Jacobs - daughter of founder, Daniel Jacobs

Ed Weiser - Project Treasurer, board member


Steve Sachs - Red Bag Delivery Day Trucks and Logistics Coordinator

Pat Koury - Red Bag Delivery Day Logistics Coordinator

Michelle and Steve Myers - Red Bag Delivery Day Kitchen Coordinators

Bill and Debbie Gray - Christmas Families Coordinators, board members

Angie Gray O'Bryan - Christmas Families Coordinator

Christopher Gray - Christmas Families Coordinator

Becky Latshaw Rupe - Christmas Families Coordinator

Keith Whittaker and Scott Weiser - Christmas Families Delivery Day Logistics Coordinators


Red Bag Children By The Numbers:

Since we started keeping totals in 2001, sponsors have filled red bags for 32,952 children in need.


In 2022, sponsors filled red bags for 1,720 children and provided Christmas for 61 families.

Red Bags / Christmas Families is a 501 (C) 3 not for profit organization.  Everyone who works on this project is a volunteer. 

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