Red Bags KC and Daniel Jacobs'  Christmas Families Board


Oliver Jacobs - son of founder Daniel Jacobs

Ed Weiser - Project Treasurer

Ashley Crouch - Red Bag Lady

Donetta Shaner - Red Bag Lady

Donna Crouch - Red Bag Lady

Jane Dooley - Red Bag Lady

Stacy Tindell - Red Bag Administrator

Kristen Hilgers - Red Bag Special Event Coordinator

Jill Wiederholt and Lori Froeschl- Red Bag Delivery Day Gift Coordinator

Michelle and Steve Myers - Red Bag Delivery Day Kitchen Coordinators

Steve Sachs - Red Bag Delivery Day Trucks and Logistics Coordinator

Pat Koury - Red Bag Delivery Day Logistics Coordinator

Bill and Debbie Gray - Christmas Families Coordinators

Keith Whittaker and Scott Weiser - Christmas Families Delivery Day Logistics Coordinators


Red Bag Children By The Numbers:

Since we started keeping totals in 2001, sponsors have filled red bags for 26,205 children in need.


In 2018, sponsors filled red bags for 1,511 children.

Red Bags / Christmas Families is a 501 (C) 3 not for profit organization.  Everyone who works on this project is a volunteer.